“Quantitative Remote Sensing at Ultra-High Resolution” on Remote Sensing journal

“Overall, we expect that UAV spectral sensing systems will become common in the toolbox of researchers in quantitative remote sensing, forestry, agriculture, field phenotyping, ecology, and other fields that rely on environmental monitoring. […] In combination with commercially built fixed-wing or rotary-wing UAVs, these cameras are becoming a powerful tool for researchers, as their rapid adaption shows, but also for service providers, breeding companies, and even farmers”.

We are happy that our work of design, study, experimentation, data acquisition and processing is leading to great satisfaction in the world of scientific research. In the paper linked below and published on Remote Sensing journal, you can read a review of the most important technological innovations regarding the high resolution multispectral survey. And MAIA is certainly counted among them.

“The important tasks now are to standardize procedures, develop algorithms, and explore the
potential to make use of the large amounts of multi-dimensional, high spatial, temporal, and spectral resolution UAV data. In this review, we showed that many approaches exist, and identified best practice procedures to derive calibrated spectral data from UAV sensing systems”.

You can read and download the paper by clicking on the link below.

Quantitative Remote Sensing at Ultra-High Resolution with UAV Spectroscopy: A Review of Sensor Technology, Measurement Procedures, and Data Correction Workflows

Authors: Helge Aasen, Eija Honkavaara, Arko Lucieer, Pablo J. Zarco-Tejada