Main applications of the multispectral survey conducted with MAIA are basically related to these field of interest:

Agriculture and terrain survey

  • precision agriculture
  • precision viticulture
  • vegetation indexes mapping
  • plant species recognition
  • biomass mapping
  • monitoring of health conditions of crops and plants
  • water supply planning
  • optimization of pesticide interventions
  • fertilization tuning and variable rateo interventions
  • yield estimation and comparative monitoring with yeld maps
  • early detection of diseases
  • weeding interventions


  • detection of  chemical dumpings
  • monitoring of industrial plants
  • remote chemical imaging
  • industrial plant inspection
  • material sorting
  • monitoring dumps
  • detection of non-authorized dumps
  • detection and classification of materials in buildings

Environmental monitoring

  • detection of pollutant spilling and waste recognition
  • classification of terrains and chemical-physical characterization
  • spill of pollutant or hazardous substances in water and soil
  • classification of hazardous waste
  • landfill monitoring
  • detection of unauthorized landfills


  • detection of paleochannels
  • detection of typology of soils, geological characterization and mapping
  • classification of soil
  • chemical characterization of soil
  • detection of paleochannels
  • species classification
  • biomass mapping