“Which future for the employment of drones in Agriculture?” on L’Informatore agrario journal

We proudly share this article written by Francesco Marinello, Luigi Sartori (Dipartimento Tesaf – Università di Padova and Neos srl) and Simone Gatto (Dipartimento Tesaf – Università di Padova) and published on the magazine L’Informatore Agrario n°39 (© 2017 Copyright Edizioni L’Informatore Agrario S.r.l.) concerning the benefits of multispectral survey and of other survey tecnologies for Precision Agriculture. Here is a statement in which they talk about MAIA – The Multispectral Camera.

“Multispectral cameras are more and more useful instruments in Precision Agriculture. Their flexibility in use increases with the number of bands available. For example, MAIA (one of the most interesting instruments on the market, realized by SAL Engineering) with 9 monochromatic sensors in 9 different bands permits to calculate over 20 vegetational indices among the most common. Those indices are efficient in Precision Agriculture to define agronomical interventions in different vegetative moments of the colture, thanks to the support given by the prescription maps, in the planning of time and distribution of the harvest, in recognizing health deseases or points of maturation, and in general to evaluate the vegetative health status of the colture”.

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2017 39 Informatore Agrario


L’Informatore Agrario © 2017 Copyright Edizioni L’Informatore Agrario S.r.l.

Francesco Marinello, Luigi Sartori
Dipartimento Tesaf – Università di Padova e Neos srl
Simone Gatto
Dipartimento Tesaf – Università di Padova